• me dejo llorando4:12
  • tocame un salsa4:40
  • Dile a El4:43
  • 02 Por Esa Mujer4:36
  • 07 No Quiero Na' Regalao'4:03
  • 11 Xiomara5:37

I have just moved back to DC after having spent three fantastic years in St Barths. I opened a music school there named "L'Atelier des Muziciens" (Facebook page) and it was a great success with 70 students learning all rhythm section instruments. And now I am looking forward to play with Sin Miedo this summer. Hope to see you at our next gig. Thanks

Didier Prossaird


September 9, 2017



Latest CD "Live in DC"

June 23, 2017

Cristal City VA 

1750 Crystal Dr,

Arlington, VA 22202

Free outdoor concert

5 to 9 PM

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